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Adapting Media Technology Trends: Satellite Solutions in the Streaming Era

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Amidst the dominance of streaming services in today’s television landscape, the realm of media technology is undergoing a profound transformation, creating a mix of challenges and opportunities for satellite companies. In the latest episode of the Satellite World Briefing podcast, Fred Boxa, Associate Director at Arthur D. Little, sheds light on the shifting dynamics of media technology and satellite infrastructure. In this episode, we discuss some of the hurdles media companies confront in optimizing distribution costs and operations to adapt to the changing landscape. As Boxa discusses the impacts of varied viewing habits across regions, emphasizing the need for a hybrid distribution model, listeners gain valuable insights into satellite technology’s future. Leveraging integrated partnerships blending traditional satellite, terrestrial, and cloud services to meet evolving industry needs, Boxa shares how the satellite industry can help media companies continue to entertain and shape the world while highlighting the crucial role managed services will play beyond mere cost reduction.

“Managed services providers can help in a number of ways. It’s not just about cost. It’s about transformation, modernization, and making sure that you stay on top of innovation. Managed services can also help in areas like security and monitoring, which are not core functions for content providers.”

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