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New Space, Intelsat, Podcast, Satellite Communications, Innovations, The New Commercial Space

The first episode of the Satellite World Briefing podcast has launched and in it, we discuss the New Commercial Space Landscape. Edy Valdes, solutions architect with Intelsat, discusses “new space” and how organizations will leverage its global capabilities as a foundation for innovation and scalability.

The decreasing cost of launching objects into space is opening new opportunities for both companies and consumers. Valdes shares that organizations should consider utilizing space for a wide range of applications beyond traditional satellite communications such as Internet of Things (IoT), distributed computing, and even robotics. He compares this to the adoption of the internet back in the 90s. Highlighting how the internet went through similar phases of evolution around access, performance, and ability to scale technologies/applications. Valdes believes we’ll see new space follow a similar trajectory. 

To hear the full conversation of the Satellite World Briefing featuring Edy Valdes on the rapid advancements in space exploration and commercialization, click the link below

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